Advancing human and animal health globally

We are a community built on a shared commitment to exploration and innovation. Our research efforts focus on advancing human and animal health and expanding our global understanding of the human-animal bond through interdisciplinary research.

Areas of Research

Human-Animal Interaction (HAI)

We house the largest faculty group dedicated to studying how the human-animal relationship can affect the health of animals, humans, and our communities. Learn more about our cutting-edge research and why HAI is essential to the future of veterinary medicine. 

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One Health

One Health is the intersection of animal, human, and environmental health. It is a transdisciplinary approach: various disciplines collaborate to address critical problems impacting our communities. Learn more about how we are embracing this initiative to create a better future for our shared world. 

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Student Research Opportunities

Our student projects provide on-the-job training to acquire critical research skills, including developing and evaluating scientific literature, experimental and non-experimental research design, data analysis, scientific writing, and submitting manuscripts for publication in a scholarly journal. Start your research career with us.

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Faculty Research & Labs

The College of Veterinary Medicine is home to dedicated faculty intent on solving critical challenges through research. Learn more about the ongoing diverse work directed by our faculty and staff and how it advances the veterinary medicine and education field. 

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