Student Government

Student Government

Student life is a vital component of success as it leads to the relationships and opportunities that give students chances to grow along their journey. We believe student representation is essential for sustaining a healthy student-centered community. 

Nicole Scherrer

President: Nicole Scherrer

My goals are to help my peers establish a vibrant, collaborative, and supportive culture at the CVM and to support by listening and voicing ideas and concerns to bring about positive change to the college and enhance the veterinary school experience for all students. 

Ricky Wagner

Vice President: Ricky Wagner

I want to fulfill my duties to the best of my ability, continue fun traditions such as the annual dodgeball tournament, and possibly create more. In addition, I hope to promote a safe, productive environment within the CVM and ensure that every student feels that their voice is heard. 

Brittany Johnson

Treasurer: Brittany Johnson

My goals in leadership are to perform all my duties and responsibilities as treasurer at the utmost level. In addition, I aim to be a great resource and confidant for my classmates and to always lead by example. 

Emily Kurtz

Secretary: Emily Kurtz

I want to ensure my time in student government provides an opportunity for clear communication between my classmates and SGA. 

Hannah Harby

Class of 2023 Student Rep: Hannah Harby

I want to ensure my colleagues' voices are heard and be a leeway for communication. I think mental health and awareness are imperative for veterinary students, faculty, and staff, and I hope to plan events and other activities involved with the subject. Overall, I strive to be a friendly face and a helping hand to my peers. 

Ari Adams

Class of 2023 Student Rep: Ari Adams

I believe I can be approachable and a safe space for student questions, concerns, and ideas and represent our class in a positive light. 

John La Bonte

Class of 2024 Student Rep: John La Bonte

My main goal while in student government as a class representative is to address the concerns of my classmates and be able to have solutions for issues that arise. I would also like to plan more events that incorporate both first and second-year students to create a better sense of community. 

Abbie-Leigh Meneses

Class of 2024 Student Rep: Abbie-Leigh Meneses

My goal as class representative is to embody the idea of servant leadership powerfully and to lead by example. I was generously supported and continuously inspired by my family and the doctors, technicians, and staff at Valley Animal Hospital back in California to follow my dreams and push the boundaries in veterinary medicine. I will be forever grateful for their love and know I would not be here without them.

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