Requirements for Prerequisite Courses

  • For a course to fulfill our veterinary prerequisites, the course must be taken at an institution that is accredited.

  • International transcripts (including Canada) must be processed through a transcript evaluation service. Only electronically submitted World Education Services (WES) “course-by-course” evaluations will be accepted by VMCAS and must be received by VMCAS before September 15.

  • Courses must be a grade of C- or higher. 

  • Our science prerequisites do not require labs; however, labs are strongly recommended. Lab credits taken in conjunction with a lecture-style course (or similar) do count toward GPAs.

  • Online and community college courses are acceptable.

  • College course credit awarded for AP science courses may fulfill the relevant core prerequisites. The admissions committee will also expect to see advanced-level undergraduate courses in the science disciplines for which the AP credit was awarded.

  • CLEP, AP, and IB credits are acceptable only if shown on a college transcript from an accredited undergraduate degree-granting institution. If they show as a grade of “G” on transcripts, we will ask for your scores.

  • We will accept pass/fail prerequisite courses if taken during Spring and Summer 2020 as part of the COVID-19 consideration. No more than half of a student’s prerequisites can be graded pass/fail.

  • We require a minimum cumulative, prerequisite, and science GPA of 3.0, with no grade below a “C-.” If applicants do not meet the minimum GPAs, further consideration will be granted to applicants that possess GPAs between 2.75 and a 3.0 GPA.  Please refer to the VMCAS course classification guide when calculating your overall undergraduate science and overall GPA as it may be different from your school’s local GPA calculation. 

  • Courses may be repeated to meet the grade requirement. Only the highest grade will be factored into the prerequisite GPA. However, the lower grade may be factored into the overall and science GPA by VMCAS.

  • Graduate and post-baccalaureate coursework will be considered for all prerequisites.

  • We do not have an expiration date for coursework. However, we recommend more recent coursework to ensure students are prepared for our rigorous program.

  • When matching coursework in the VMCAS application to our prerequisites, please only select the minimum number of courses to satisfy the credits. For example, do not select all Biology courses you have taken, but rather the highest grades of 6-semester credits of Biology.

  • 50% of prerequisites must be completed or in progress by the fall application deadline.

    • In-progress courses must appear as such on the official transcript(s) sent to VMCAS. Applicants should list what prerequisites they plan to take in the future in the Transcript Entry section.

    • An applicant must at minimum have completed or be registered for one of two courses in biology, chemistry, physics/biophysics, biochemistry/organic chemistry, and one English and one math class at the time of application.

    • All prerequisites must be completed, and grades posted by your institution, by June 30 of the application year, before matriculation in August.

    • We require 90 units to be completed by the time of matriculation. If you are admitted without 90 credits by matriculation, your offer will be rescinded.