Selection Overview

Selection Overview

Why do we take a holistic approach to application reviews?

All application components offer a global perspective of a candidate and their pathway to veterinary medicine. Therefore, evaluating an individual’s comprehensive metrics and considering the experiences and attributes they would bring to our program is essential. 

The Admissions Committee examines each applicant’s motivation for pursuing a veterinary degree, overall understanding of the profession, leadership ability, problem-solving skills, and interpersonal skills. Each application element is assessed individually and then collectively to determine candidates who meet our primary College vision and will be contributors to the field of veterinary medicine.

Weekly Committee reviews occur until all interviewed applicants have been considered. Notifications to applicants will be emailed revealing the final status: Accepted, placed on the alternate list, or not accepted.

Members of the Admissions Committee include the University of Arizona College of Veterinary Medicine faculty, administrators, and staff who regularly interact with veterinary medicine applicants.

All decisions are final.

Evaluation Factors

1. Academic Performance

To receive an automatic file review, applicants must achieve a 3.0 minimum GPA for cumulative work, prerequisites, and science courses. At most two prerequisite courses should be in progress by the fall application deadline. All prerequisite courses must be completed by June 30 of the matriculation year.

We do not require and will not consider any standardized test results (i.e., GRE) for admission to the program.

Note: Applicants with a cumulative, science, or prerequisite GPA between 2.75 – 2.99 may receive an additional review to determine the eligibility for a supplemental assessment. Individuals will be screened for evidence of the candidate’s ability to navigate the rigors of the veterinary medicine curriculum. Selected candidates will progress to the supplemental assessment, while others will be denied.

2. Animal Experience

Applicants should demonstrate responsibility and experience with animals outside of pet ownership. Candidates are welcome to utilize diverse formal and informal backgrounds to communicate better the motivation to pursue a veterinary medicine degree.

Visit the VMCAS site for more information about what experiences you can employ on your application and how to submit them appropriately.

3. Applicant Experiences

How does the value of your contributions demonstrate and reflect a holistic perspective of you as a candidate? Experiences can include veterinary, animal, employment, research experiences, community or volunteer involvement, awards, and honors.

Applying For the VetCat Early Assurance Program?

Are you currently enrolled in the Arizona W.A. Franke Honors Program and considering a career in veterinary medicine? Please download and complete the prior experience form below to submit your application. To learn more about how to apply for early acceptance, visit the Franke Honors website.

Prior Experience Form

4. Supplemental Assessment

Applicants who meet our GPA and prerequisite requirements will receive an invitation to complete our supplemental assessment. Invited applicants will participate in a virtual interview process. Candidates must complete the evaluation within ten days of receiving an invitation. Failure to submit the supplemental assessment within ten days will dismiss the application from consideration. A $50 fee plus tax is required for this assessment.

5. File Review

We review applications to understand better an applicant's fit with the Arizona CVM values, relative experiences and attributes, and the strength of their academic preparation.

6. Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI)

After reviewing the VMCAS application and supplemental assessment, applicants may receive an invitation to participate in the Arizona CVM Applicant Visit Day, including Multiple Mini-Interviews (MMI). The MMI will include scenarios that assess college fit, address the motivation for pursuing veterinary medicine, and other attributes necessary for evaluating each applicant's interest in attending the Arizona College of Veterinary Medicine. We will invite up to 300 candidates.