Learning Support

Learning Support

The Office of Wildcat Learning

We aim to support all students in meeting their academic potential by delivering evidence-based educational support services and resources. In addition, we collaborate with departments, units, and offices across the college to empower students to develop a life-long learner mindset to pursue academic excellence. 

What Is A Learning Specialist?

Learning specialists are professionals trained in learning strategies and test prep who can help students analyze how they best learn for more long-term success.

Available Learning Services

Learning Support

Learning specialists help students navigate our demanding curriculum by assisting them to review their own learning practices and providing more efficient strategies for the future. 

Peer Tutoring

Feel more comfortable working and learning from your peers? The Office of Wildcat Learning trains and supports individuals with tutoring backgrounds looking to help and engage with other veterinary students needing assistance. 


The North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE) requires licensure to practice veterinary medicine. Students can access regular workshops and preparation topics through OWL to prepare them for success. 

What Is A Team-Based Learning Facilitator?

Team-Based Learning Facilitators are education professionals who help teams develop skills to allow them to work most effectively together.

Available Team-Based Learning Support

TBL Workshops

Cohort-specific workshops to engage more deeply in skills that allow teams to work better together and will help students engage with colleagues and clients in practice, such as giving and receiving feedback, professionalism and delegation.

TBL Team Meetings

Regular check-ins with each TBL team to assess progress, have open discussions for feedback and reflection, and allow goals to be set and changes to be made so teams continue learning together in a safe and productive environment.

Advocacy and Support

TBL Facilitators gather regular feedback regarding TBL curriculum and advocate for the environment most conducive to a student's learning. One-on-one meetings with students are also available to help work through team issues and to provide strategies for working better with others.

Prospective Students

Our admissions process focuses on assessing candidates as unique, multidimensional individuals. We consider the academic and personal history and an applicant’s overall fit with our mission and values.

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