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Philanthropic support helps fund Arizona College of Veterinary Medicine’s mission. Learn how you can help advance progress in veterinary medicine education.

Transforming Veterinary Medical Education

At the Arizona College of Veterinary Medicine, we are innovators and educators. We strive to continuously improve and lead the way in developing adaptive problem-solvers capable of tackling the industry’s most significant challenges. Philanthropic efforts help fund our mission to find new strategies and practices to improve veterinary medicine. 

Financial support enables us to bring quality veterinary care to underserved rural areas through mobile clinics and community partnerships, increasing the program’s outreach and impact. Your support helps us develop programs that solve real-world problems and improve the communities we serve.

Help Advance Our College in Three Key Investment Areas

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Student Support

We are developing career-ready veterinarians who will lead healthy, meaningful lives and serve their communities. Scholarships are essential for students to get the most out of their education and provide an opportunity to work in underserved communities post-graduation without the burden of debt. By investing in the next generation of veterinary professionals, you can make a real difference in the careers and well-being of students.

Dr. Maggie O'Haire and Sarah Leighton pose together in front of a sign that reads, "College of Veterinary Medicine Human-Animal Interaction House." The house, a research building, stands in the background.

Collaborative Research

We are working to improve outcomes for animals and humans through interdisciplinary research efforts uniting recognized leaders in health sciences, social sciences, physical sciences, and business. As a part of the University of Arizona One Health Initiative, the College of Veterinary Medicine is poised to expand existing knowledge of human-animal relationships, serve as the catalyst for collaborative human-animal bond research, and enrich veterinary student training.

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Community Partnerships

We plan to improve access to animal healthcare and foster learning opportunities for students through serving diverse communities of the Southwest. An emphasis on service learning provides more efficient care, innovates instructional methods, and deepens our connections within the region. In alignment with the land grant mission of the University of Arizona and in recognition of the tribal communities who steward this land, we aim to meet the economic and geographic challenges facing veterinary medicine.

Want to partner with us? 

As we continue to grow, we have many opportunities for philanthropic support to make a difference for our students, faculty, and research. You can impact the future of veterinary medicine in Arizona and beyond through your investments. 

Please reach out to our team to talk about how you can make a difference in the future of veterinary medicine.

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