VetCat Graduation Stories: Shannon Khodadad

Aug. 22, 2023

Celebrating our VetCat Journeys: Where They Are Going

Shannon Khodadad wears graduation regalia and sits on the steps of a University of Arizona building.

In a few short days, students at The University of Arizona College of Veterinary Medicine will walk across the stage at commencement. As they celebrate their accomplishments and look forward to future endeavors, VetCats are also reflecting on the personal journeys that have led them to this moment.

Shannon Khodadad wears graduation regalia and holds her cap up in the air.

Students like Shannon Khodadad have put in three years of year-round work to earn their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees. Their educational experiences exposed them to new ideas and new ways to make an impact in their communities. Their third and final year has been full of valuable clinical year experiences, where they have gained deeper insight into the various paths available to veterinarians. We asked Shannon to share her personal insights gained from her educational journey.

Strong Foundations

Shannon is ready to begin her career as a veterinarian at a General Practice/Urgent Care hospital, where she will primarily work in surgery. Her focus will be on small and exotic animals. Having gained confidence and proficiency in surgery during her clinical year, she enthusiastically looks forward to her surgical role.

How did your educational experiences influence your career path?

These experiences have solidified my commitment to making a positive impact in the field of veterinary medicine by alleviating suffering and advancing animal care. I discovered new and improved approaches to facilitate aid to animals worldwide, to better promote and care for animal well-being. 

Shannon Khodadad wears graduation regalia and holds an orange cat.

Can you tell me about how your clinical year experiences have prepared you for your veterinary

My clinical year experiences introduced me to the different aspects of veterinary medicine. It taught me ways I can expand my horizons in veterinary medicine. My surgical experiences during my clinical year have brought light to my passion for surgery. I will take on a position in the hospital where surgery becomes my primary role and responsibility. 

Advice for Others

Throughout her three years as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine student, Shannon has gained useful insights into the program and her profession. She highlights the importance of persistence and open-mindedness. She knows that to succeed, a student must keep their eyes on their goals and stay determined until they get there, but that it is also important to stay curious about the possible paths that lie ahead.

Shannon Khodadad wears graduation regalia and stands on the steps outside a University of Arizona building.

What advice would you give to a first-year student?

Persistence is key. In challenging moments, keep in mind that your dedication is crucial for your patients. Stay curious and open-minded. Your journey is just beginning, so make the most of every learning opportunity. Seek out opportunities for hands-on learning, and build strong relationships with both peers and mentors. 

Pursue your dreams, think outside the box, cultivate friendships, and recognize that you and your fellow classmates constitute a team, serving as a model for the future of veterinary medicine.