VetCat Graduation Stories: Kelci Roberts

July 9, 2024

Celebrating our VetCat Journeys: Where They Are Going

A woman wears a doctor's coat and doctoral tam and smiles.

As our University of Arizona VetCats look forward to graduation and their career plans, many are reflecting on the decisions and experiences that have led them to this point. One VetCat, Kelsi Roberts, looks forward to moving back to her home state of Nevada and serving her communities as a general practice companion and exotic animal veterinarian. She shared some of her personal journey with us.

A woman wearing scrubs holds a chinchilla and smiles.

Looking Ahead

In their three years of veterinary school, VetCats apply themselves and develop the clinical and professional skills they need to be successful veterinarians in practice. Now, the culmination of their efforts is on the horizon.

What are your plans for after graduation? 

KR: I will be moving back to my home state, Nevada, to start work as a GP companion animal and exotic animal Veterinarian! I have accepted an Associate Veterinarian position at the companion animal + exotic animal general practice of my dreams! I will also be going on a post-graduation cruise!

How did your educational experiences influence your career path? 

KR: My goal of becoming a veterinarian began when I was four years old. Once I started going to elementary school, I very quickly developed a passion for the sciences which eventually led to my passion for medicine. At 18, I began working in the veterinary field. I have worked various job roles within the field which further strengthened and validated my love for animals and veterinary medicine. 10 years later, I am finally making my ultimate life dream come true! 

What aspect of your future opportunities excites you the most? 

KR: What excites me the most about fulfilling my lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian is being able to advocate for the health and well-being of animals. I also enjoy establishing rapport with their owners and educating them to further improve the quality of life for humans and animals alike! 

Kelci's Veterinary Journey

Throughout veterinary school, Kelci has stayed open to possibilities and explored interests in both dentistry and radiology. She found her hands-on experiences in these areas both helpful and informative.

Kelci Roberts wears scrubs, a cap, and a mask and focuses intently on the surgery she is performing.

Can you share how your clinical year experiences have equipped you for your veterinary career? 

KR: My clinical year experiences have equipped me for my veterinary career by allowing me to take the skill set that I have learned in the classroom and apply it in a real-world practice. I appreciate being able to be hands-on which truly allows me to practice being a doctor! 

If you are going into a specialty practice or residency, how were you inspired to pursue this path?

KR: Though I will not be going into a specialty or residency immediately post-graduation, I have considered the possibility of going into specialty once I learn and grow more in the GP world. Two specialties that have sparked my interest since being in veterinary school are dentistry and radiology. When I was a veterinary nurse prior to veterinary school, I was able to perform dental cleanings on a daily basis. This allowed me to not only educate myself on the importance of dental prophylaxis, but to also educate owners as well. Recently, I also developed a passion for radiology. Over the last three years, I have really come to enjoy interpreting radiographs and ultrasounds. Additionally, being able to diagnose and develop treatment plans based on what is happening to a patient internally is such an incredible skill! 

Wisdom from Kelci

Take it from someone who's been there: veterinary school is time of continuous learning, says Kelci.

What advice would you give to a first-year student? 

KR: Remember to be kind to yourself! It is very easy to fall into a black hole of self-doubt. Remember, we are still learning as students and we will continue to learn even as skilled veterinarians.