An Insider's Look at Civano Animal Hospital

Oct. 23, 2023

Civano Animal Hospital and Emergency Center stands out as an excellent clinical site for students to develop the veterinary skills they will need in their future careers.

Dr. Lindsay Juhl holds a small orange kitten and smiles.

When it comes to fostering exceptional learning experiences for The University of Arizona College of Veterinary Medicine students, Civano Animal Hospital and Emergency Center stands out as an excellent clinical site for students to develop the veterinary skills they will need in their future careers. During their third and final year of veterinary school, our Doctor of Veterinary Medicine students learn in real-world teams as they rotate through various clinical settings. Located in Tucson, this unique clinical year site offers students opportunities to discover new passions and develop existing skillsets. 

Dr. Lindsay Juhl stands next to veterinary equipment.

Dr. Lindsay Juhl, Dr. Alexis Roth, and Aaron Roth brought their dream to life in November 2020 when they opened Civano Animal Hospital, a site they built from the ground up. Since then, Civano has been a busy facility employing nearly 100 people, making it an ideal setting for students to hone their veterinary skills. Dr. Juhl, a seasoned veterinarian with over 14 years of experience, sat down with us to discuss how students grow at Civano. Her passion for emergency medicine and building connections with clients guides her career path and allows her to share her passions with the students who come through Civano. She shared, 

“I always knew that I wanted to do emergency medicine, but I wanted to be able to also have a client bond. You don't generally get that with emergency medicine in terms of creating long-term [bonds]. They have to trust you immediately in emergency medicine. With your long-term clients, it's great because you get to see them from puppyhood all the way to the senior years. I do a little bit of both and that is very rewarding in this career field.” 

This is a photo of a clean, well-equipped surgical room at Civano: surgery table, lights, computer monitors and other equipment are present.

A Day in the Life 

Dr. Juhl emphasizes that no two days are ever the same at Civano, thanks to their role as a full-service general practice and 24/7 emergency clinic catering to all species. From small animals to large animals and exotics, they provide top-notch care to each animal that comes through their doors. Here, students get to witness and participate in diverse cases, from standard checkups and vaccinations to life-threatening emergencies. The hospital’s capability to conduct in-house lab work with rapid results allows for immediate diagnosis and life-saving measures. In addition, the state-of-the-art equipment at Civano provides opportunities for students to participate in more complex cases. With full cardiac, thoracic and abdominal ultrasound; digital dental; endoscopy and more, Civano is well-equipped to care for patients’ needs. When students can work with such equipment, they become versatile veterinarians who understand the options available for a given situation. When asked about her observations of Arizona students at Civano, Dr. Juhl said, 

“It's great to see the difference between how they are from the beginning of the rotation to the end of the rotation, especially because a lot of the students are nervous to, for example, put together anesthesia plans or treatment plans. We pride ourselves in being able to help the students grow and be more comfortable and confident in providing diagnostic and treatment plans and in talking to clients. We have such a diverse group of veterinarians here that, whatever their interests are, we can tailor it to them.” 

A veterinary student examines a dog lying on its side.

Tailored Learning Experience 

At Civano Animal Hospital, the learning experience for students can be individualized based on their interests and preferences. Dr. Juhl and her team take time to understand each student’s aspirations, and then designs their rotation according, meaning students have unique experiences at Civano and gain experience in their personal interests under the supervision and guidance of experienced professionals. She shared, 

“When a University of Arizona student comes, I usually ask them, ‘what is your preference? What are you wanting to learn? Do you want to do general practice? Do you want to learn emergency? Do you want a little bit of both?’ So their rotations are built based off of their interests, and no student has the same rotation for that reason. It really is tailored toward what their interests are.” 

Students interested in emergency medicine get hands-on exposure to critical cases, while those inclined toward general practice delve into wellness, preventative care, and even surgeries like dental procedures and mass removals. 

Defined by Their Values 

Civano Animal Hospital’s core values revolve around tailored and compassionate care, treating every patient as if they were their own. The hospital emphasizes honesty, integrity, and pride, ensuring that clients, patients, staff, and students all feel welcomed into a caring family. Dr. Juhl reflected on how Civano’s values influence their daily work, saying, 

“We truly treat each patient as if it is our own, meaning every single patient matters, every single time. It is our pride that we make sure that we know that we have given our all to that patient and that client.” 

A clean medical supply area and prep table.

Building Confidence 

Civano offers a unique six-month internship program that allows recent graduates to gain real-world experience under the guidance of experienced veterinarians. Divided into three phases, the program starts with shadowing and progresses to independent handling of cases, focusing on communication skills and building confidence in their veterinary skills. This hospital’s commitment to fostering tailored learning experiences and embracing a diverse range of cases makes it an excellent place for future veterinarians to learn and grow while meeting high professional standards. 

The vision, dedication, and integrity embraced by Civano combine to create an exceptional environment for students to excel in the veterinary career field. Here, students encounter unwavering commitment to quality patient care and become more prepared to enter their communities as day-one-ready veterinarians.