Helping Students Plan for the Future

Dec. 15, 2022

Get to know our Career Advisor and the incredible work she's doing to prepare our students for future careers.

Career Fair
The College of Veterinary Medicine will graduate our first class in August 2023, but preparation for students' future careers is already underway. Our career advisor, Anais Garcia, is a first-generation college graduate passionate about helping students achieve their professional goals. We recently sat down with her to learn more about the career support she is working hard to offer our future veterinarians.
anais garcia

Could you tell us about your career advising experience and your role at CVM?

My career advising experience started ten years ago. During my master’s degree program, I worked as a minor advisor for undergraduate students at the University of Arizona. Even though my primary role was to guide students toward completing their minors, we would talk about how they could tailor their minors to their degrees and help them highlight their experience in graduate college applications and when going into the workforce. When I became an academic advisor for the College of Public Health, I had an opportunity to work closely with undergraduate students, help guide them through their undergraduate careers, and explore their options and potential career paths based on their future goals.

As a career advisor at CVM, I can go beyond our students’ career planning. Together, we explore the vast areas in the field of veterinary medicine which align with their goals. Individually, I work with them to identify their strengths and areas for improvement to maximize their opportunities once they complete our program. Whether it is tailoring their resume to individual experiences and interests or searching for opportunities to better themselves as students and professionals, I’m here to help them explore the many incredible options the veterinary medicine field offers.

How do you help students connect with future career opportunities?

Our students are eager to learn and always looking for opportunities to gain experience, knowledge, and networking for their future careers. Here, the strong relationship we have built and continue to grow with corporate partners and potential employers plays a critical role. Thanks to the many engagement opportunities we offer our corporate partners, our students can be exposed to different areas in veterinary medicine. From hosting guest speakers to present their expertise in the veterinary medicine field to planning our annual career fair, connecting our students with their future careers is one of my priorities.

Another way we help our CVM students explore the different options the field of veterinary medicine offers is through our student ambassador program. As student ambassadors, our students not only get to represent an outside organization on campus but also helps them expand their professional skills and network with colleagues and future employers.

What top considerations should students consider when preparing for their future careers?

The field of veterinary medicine is very dynamic. Veterinary medicine offers a variety of career options, and even though most students come in with a clear idea of their future careers, some students change their minds as they progress through our program, which is okay! Our students should consider several factors while preparing for their future careers, such as their values and goals and how those would play in a particular career path. Exploring career options and researching the desired area of veterinary medicine is encouraged. In addition, students should consider reaching out to their professors, mentors, and other professionals and looking for hands-on experience.

What is your favorite part of working with our students?

I love working with our students! They are passionate about veterinary medicine and enthusiastic about serving animals and our communities. One of my favorite parts of working with our DVM students is talking about where they come from, their unique experiences in veterinary medicine, and where they want to go in the field. It’s amazing how diverse our student body is and the remarkable qualities they all have which makes them exceptional individuals and professionals.

What do you look forward to most regarding our students’ upcoming graduation in August 2023?

I am very excited to see our first class graduating in August 2023. To see their hard work pay off will be one of the most gratifying moments for all of us in the college. I look forward to seeing what they will do next the most. Many of our students have already gotten job offers. Others are looking into continuing their education and gaining more experience in the field with internship and mentorship programs. Whatever pathway they decide to follow, students will have the skills they need to be successful, and we will be here to celebrate all their accomplishments and support them beyond graduation.

For more information about our career planning, the 2023 career fair, or to post a position for your business, connect with Anais Garcia.

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