Building Professional Skills Through Brand Ambassadorship

June 28, 2022

Student Ambassador opportunities for companies, brands or veterinary practices offer Doctor of Veterinary Medicine students real-life business experience.

Audrey Marzan Companion Pet Partners

Student Ambassador opportunities for companies, brands or veterinary practices offer Doctor of Veterinary Medicine students real-life business experience. Ambassadors are responsible for coordinating educational activities that build brand awareness and serve as a liaison between the University of Arizona students and the companies they serve. Individuals who have the chance to serve as student representatives gain essential communication and business skills they can eventually take into their future profession. Audrey Marzan, class of 2023 DVM candidate, shared her experience working with Companion Pet Partners and why she should encourage future VetCats to explore similar opportunities.

1. What inspired you to be a brand ambassador for Companion Pet Partners?
Audrey Marzan Companion Pet Partners

I wanted to get involved and learn more about the veterinary industry. While in veterinary school, we, of course, learn the medical aspects of animal care but rarely do we talk about the services and products offered to veterinarians and owners that are out there. Many companies are willing to hire a student brand ambassador, but what intrigued me about Companion Pet Partners is how they are a smaller, growing company compared to the larger already established corporate groups. I was curious to see how they would differentiate themselves to set them apart. They have shown that they are heavily invested in ensuring that the veterinarians and the veterinary students have a voice at the table

2. What duties are involved with your position?

I serve as a liaison between the students of UA CVM and Companion Pet Partners. I offer a student perspective, such as telling the company what current students are looking for and what they would benefit from. I also aid in getting current students career-building opportunities such as certification and externship placements.

3. What has been the most rewarding part of being a brand ambassador?

That’s a hard one to narrow down, but the two most rewarding parts of being a brand ambassador are making connections and establishing opportunities for my classmates. Companion Pet Partners sponsored my first veterinary conference earlier this year, where I was able to meet other companies and learn about what they have to offer to new grads. I also was able to organize an event where 34 veterinary peers were able to obtain their RECOVER Basic Life Support Certification.

4. What would you say to someone considering being a brand ambassador?

I would highly encourage it. You get to hone your interpersonal skills, which are just as important as all the educational material you learn within the curriculum. Tasks such as event planning and coordinating with multiple parties require effective communication, which is crucial for team building. In addition, the brand ambassador position offers a different lens or perspective when approaching cases and clients, which students can utilize in their skills toolbox. 

5. How has this role prepared you for a future career?

This position has provided me with many opportunities to meet people I would have never crossed paths with without becoming a brand ambassador. I learn something new with each relationship I form, which aids me in becoming a better prepared day-one-ready veterinarian. I hope to continue working with Companion Pet Partners post-graduation.