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Why is networking so important for your career?

Networking provides an opportunity to exchange information and establishes a foundation for a possible long-term relationship with a colleague or future employer. Learn how you can be more effective at building your business network. 

Networking & Relationship Building

What is an elevator speech?

An elevator speech (or elevator pitch) is a brief (60 seconds or less) synopsis of who you are and helps introduce yourself to people who don't know you, from colleagues in the field to potential employers. An elevator speech briefly covers your background, experience, and future goals/purpose. 

The reason why it's called an elevator speech is because it takes roughly the amount of time you'd spend riding an elevator with someone. Remember, keep it brief! 

Why do you need an elevator speech?

Networking! An elevator speech helps introduce yourself to career and business connections, share your expertise and credentials quickly, and help you build your network. 

Elevator speeches are essential to remember whenever you're at an event where you might meet potential employers or networking connections (ex., virtual and in-person networking events, career fairs, conferences, etc.).

How to create an elevator speech?

Remember, this speech is ALL ABOUT YOU! Who you are, what you do, and what you want to do. 

  • Who you are: Consider who you expect your audience to be and create a tailored list to describe yourself.
  • What you do: Include qualifications and skills you have as well as your experiences that drive your career focus. Try to center on assets that add value in many situations, and feel free to discuss your values and passion (remember to keep it brief). 
  • What you want to do: Think about what you want to gain from this conversation and the new professional connection. How can they help you reach your goals, and how can you contribute to theirs? It is also helpful to ask for advice, share their contact information, and keep connected.

Tips for writing an elevator speech

  • Remember, keep it brief (60 seconds or less). 
  • Target your speech to the event you are attending. 
  • Have a business card ready. 
  • Practice, practice, practice! Have someone listen to your elevator speech or even record yourself. 
  • End your elevator speech by letting them know how they can help you. 
  • Follow up with them either by email or LinkedIn. Remind them of the context in which you met (where, when), thank them for speaking with you, and find a way to continue the conversation. 
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