Health and Wellness

Events & Resources

Wildcat Wellness Wednesdays

Monthly events are available for students to relax and enjoy community time outside of the classroom.

Wellness Workshops

Wellness works shops will be available periodically for students and will tackle various topics, including; financial and mental health. Students will also have full access to main campus programs.

Health and Wellness

Mental Health Resources

Students have access to counseling resources and mental health resources through our College, in addition to all main campus options. 


Special Events

Life should be a balance between hard work and fun, and events provide opportunities for community growth and enrichment.

Wellness Center

Yoga Studio

The yoga studio offers a large space for stretching, cardio workouts, and various other exercise regimens.

Cardio Machines

Students will have access to both a treadmill and an elliptical machine.

Meditation Rooms

The wellness center offers dedicated rooms for those who need a quiet space to relax, study or meditate.

Nap Pods

Students can utilize the comfortable nap pods as a safe and quiet space to rejuvenate.

Zen Garden

The zen garden offers a comfortable space to enjoy the beautiful weather that Tucson provides.