Health and Wellness

How do you define wellness? 

Your definition of wellness is as unique as your fingerprint, and it encompasses everything. It’s the complete picture of you. It’s your health, your happiness, your home life and work life, your environment, financial stability, job satisfaction, intellectual stimulation, and everything in between.

What you need to be well today might be different from what you need to be well tomorrow. So...where do you begin?

Wellness can be simple to understand when you know the common needs we all share. These are known as domains of wellness. Think of these as the building blocks to a healthy, happy, thriving life. Getting to know where you stand, what you want, and what you need in each domain helps you pick and choose the pieces that will forge your unique wellness path.

In Pathways to Wellness, you can explore these wellness domains: 


Your personal pathway to wellness can begin anywhere, depending on what’s working and what you’d like to improve in your life. And the steps along your path can take you through these domains in a pattern that’s unique to you. 

How it works: 

  1. Complete the Personal Wellness Plan exercise to identify a starting point and create wellness goals or simply scroll down to browse the domains of wellness below.
  2. Browse the tips and resources for your chosen domain(s) using the links below or through the Personal Wellness Plan exercise.
  3. Repeat!

Complete Your Personal Wellness Plan

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