Student Leadership

President, Jasmine Worthy

My goal within SGA is to perform my duties to the best of my ability. I am striving to be a resource for all students to ensure that their voices and concerns are heard. I also want to ensure that we are not only just vocal about diversity, equity, and inclusion, but that we also prove that through our actions. I want to make sure we have an inclusive environment and help make this a great experience for current and future students.

Vice President, Tate Coriell

My main goal for this Student Government is to create a sense of community for all students and for everyone to have their voice heard with policy and procedure development at the CVM.

Treasurer, Brittany Johnson

My goals in leadership are to perform all my duties and responsibilities as treasurer at the utmost level. In addition, I aim to be a great resource and confidant for my classmates and to always lead by example.

Secretary, Paola Calderon

My goals while in leadership are to help guide our class as we embark on this new journey together and to lay a solid foundation for future classes.

Student Representative, Nicole Scherrer

My main goals while in leadership are to (1) help my cohort establish a vibrant, collaborative, and supportive culture at the CVM and (2) to support them by listening to and voicing their ideas and concerns to bring about positive change to the college and enhance the veterinary school experience for all students.

Student Representative, Ricky Wagner

What goal do you have while in leadership? My main goal is to help our class be the best it can be. I want to help us work as a collective to ensure that our time during this first year is nothing short of extraordinary.