Student Life

Student life is a very important component for success as it helps to establish relationships and provide opportunities that encourage a fun but professional culture for students in their journey toward achieving their educational and professional aspirations. At the University of Arizona, we seek to create environments that promote self-esteem, confidence, cultural awareness, effective communication and integrity.



The College of Veterinary Medicine is committed to embracing the power of inclusion and diversity within our program. We provide accessible, engaging environments that inspire creativity, enhance our ability to think critically and challenge us to fully realize our leadership potential.

Campus Support

Student Wellness

We are committed to addressing mental health and wellness issues that plague the veterinary community and aspire to foster an environment that models wellness, in addition to providing students with multiple options to pursue assistance that maintain confidentiality. 

Wellness Resources

Life In Tucson

We love living in Tucson, and we hope you will too! Tucson is a dynamic city that celebrates individuality and offers something for everyone. Whether you are looking for the best 23 miles of Mexican food or great places to get hike and get outdoors, Tucson allows you the freedom to explore.

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