Jonathan Cox, PhD

Director, Faculty Development in Pedagogy


About Me

Pushing beyond my comfort zone and trying new things often is a perpetual goal. If I’m not failing and overcoming often, I’m not trying hard enough.


What do you like to do for fun?

A good chunk of my time is spent keeping my two boys alive as we experience life. It might not be ‘fun’ for me, I also spend a little time most weekends fixing things around the house that they or my dogs (Laika and Andechs) broke while having fun. I enjoy traveling with my family, together experiencing unfamiliar places and cultures.
What excites you about this position?
The University of Arizona’s College of Veterinary Medicine is absolutely committed to developing top-quality veterinary practitioners. The teaching goals and philosophy of the college are at the forefront of what research tells us about learning. Being part of the design of a high-quality curriculum where all faculty implement evidence-based learning strategies, benefitting all students in the college, is a rare opportunity.