Gayle Leith, DVM, MA, MS, ABVP-Equine Practice

Associate Professor of Practice


About Me

Equine veterinary medicine has been a lifelong passion, I have been in the same practice for 32 years and have been fortunate to mentor numerous veterinary interns, externs, and undergraduate students. I have enjoyed being an ambulatory veterinarian, traveling to client’s homes and helping them with their horses. One exciting adventure during my career was traveling to China with my husband and daughter and presenting three equine reproductive lectures at the Beijing Veterinary School.
What do you like to do for fun?

Riding my horses, oil painting/drawing, reading, and traveling with my husband and daughter are four of my top favorites! 

What excites you about this position?
The opportunity to teach, train, and share 32 years of clinical experience with inquisitive and passionate veterinary students is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am looking forward to becoming an exceptional educator and being a part of the cohesive University of Arizona College of Veterinary Medical team preparing the next waves of veterinarians to our profession.