UArizona College of Veterinary Medicine Launches Early Assurance Program

Oct. 7, 2021

University of Arizona Honors College students will now have an opportunity to apply and be accepted into the program a year earlier.


Beginning October 15, students in the University of Arizona Honors College will have the ability to apply for early admission to the College of Veterinary Medicine. Our goal is to introduce a small group of Arizona Honors students (up to 10 participants) to our active-learning and team-based curriculum, interactive case-based problem solving, live animal lab experiences, and professional learning communities within a hybrid-distributive model.

The honors cohort will follow an academic plan to complete all veterinary medicine school prerequisite coursework and individual learning modules and get an early start on content found in our veterinary medical school curriculum. Once admitted, students will participate in the Arizona Honors VetCat Early Assurance Program summer program between their junior and senior years. This summer program will provide students with an immersive, mentored experience with Arizona CVM faculty and veterinary medicine students. Following this experience, participants will complete senior year requirements, including the Honors thesis, before beginning veterinary school.

If you are interested in learning about the new College of Veterinary Medicine & the Honors College VetCat Early Assurance Program, mark your calendar for the upcoming information session on Thursday, October 14. Presenters from the College of Veterinary Medicine, and the Honors College, will share helpful information about this new program and discuss how to prepare for the Honors VetCat application process.

Information Session

When: Thursday, October 14, 2021

Time: 3:00 to 4:00 pm



Click below to learn more about the Honors VetCat Early Assurance Program

Honors VetCat Early Assurance Program


Only UArizona Honors College students are eligible to apply. A separate UArizona Honors VetCat Early Assurance Program application will be available for students to apply in the fall of their junior year through Scholarship Universe. This application will be in addition to the regular VMCAS application (submission during the program). Scholarship Universe

Sharon Overstreet