Invest In CVM

Priority Capital Projects and Equipment


  • This support will significantly lower the average debt of graduating veterinary students, increase the number of qualified Arizonans enrolled in UA CVM, and allow the recruitment of students with diverse backgrounds. This will help mirror the diverse tapestry of Arizona and meet the needs of rural communities.

Equine Training Building Modifications & Equipment

  • Campus Agricultural Center: Indoor and outdoor teaching areas, simulation lab & models, office area

Veterinary Simulation Models & Equipment

  • Establish state-of-the-art, high-fidelity veterinary simulation models to train students in clinical techniques for multiple species

Student Support Center

  • Learning spaces designed for student collaboration to support peer-based teaching and learning

  • Centralized student services including mentoring, tutoring and career counseling

  • Indoor/outdoor study areas

Companion Animal Teaching Facility

  • Development of a companion animal teaching facility

  • Surgical suite for elective surgery and minor invasive procedures

  • Short-term animal housing and treatment rooms to provide experience for students with husbandry, surgery and nursing care of companion animals. 

Human-Animal Bond Center

  • State of the art teaching and research facility dedicated to transformative studies of the human-animal bond including human and animal health, animal cognition, behavioral economics and neuropsychology, animal behavior, data science, and the built environment and the interface of rural and urban landscape planning and architecture

Faculty Support

  • Support for faculty indirectly allows us to decrease student tuition and attract the best and brightest for our teaching and research

Make a Gift

Make Your Gift in One of Two Ways

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  2. Send your gift to:

            College of Veterinary Medicine Development

            1580 E Hanley Blvd

            Oro Valley, AZ 85737

Please make checks payable to the UA Foundation – College of Veterinary Medicine and clarify if your gift is to support a specific program, endowment or activity within CVM.