Thank you for considering an investment in our innovative new College of Veterinary Medicine. We believe that veterinarians play a significant role in our society, and having more individuals pursuing this career track translates to multiple benefits for Arizona. From expanded opportunities for students to improved animal and public health across the state, veterinary medicine plays a crucial part in bringing our One Health initiative together.

As the College of Veterinary Medicine continues to grow, we have several priority capital projects, as well as ongoing priorities, that are needed for our program.

Priority Capital Projects

  • Student Support Center: This addition to our Oro Valley campus will be dedicated to the management of our student's health and well-being. 
  • Equine Training Center
  • Animal Simulation Models & Equipment
  • Bovine Education & Extension Facility

Ongoing Priorities

  • Scholarships: This support will significantly lower the average debt of graduating veterinary students, increase student success and well-being and allow recruitment of students with diverse backgrounds.
  • Faculty Support: Support for faculty indirectly allows us to decrease student tuition and attract the best and brightest for our teaching and research.

If you are interested in partnering with us in our pursuit of raising the standard for veterinary medicine education, please feel free to contact:

Marianne Capp Hadden

Director of Development