The Kemper and Ethel Marley Foundation Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Program

Our Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program will provide a strong foundation in veterinary medicine and surgery while interweaving the professional and clinical skills critical for future success. UA DVM students will graduate understanding veterinary medicine in the context of the whole animal, the environment and society.


Our Mission

Our mission is to lead the profession as a student-centered program focused on developing career-ready veterinarians who will live healthy meaningful lives and serve society.
We value creating an inclusive environment that fosters adaptive, innovative learners who will be successful leaders in the field of veterinary medicine.
We believe in emphasizing critical thinking and lifelong evidence-based learning to help students understand their own processes for problem solving and enable them to utilize those skills in their future careers.
We are committed to extending The University of Arizona’s rich history of outstanding education to provide our students with the resources that will help them succeed in their career and in life.


Three-Year Model

Our three-year, nine-semester, continuous program provides the necessary structure and breaks to help increase graduation rates and enable students to earn salaries sooner than their peers. Students will receive the same amount of didactic teaching, but in a more condensed strategic model.

In the first two years, students will build a strong foundation in veterinary medicine and surgery while interweaving competencies required for future career success. Third-year rotations will focus on providing the necessary clinical competencies needed for career-readiness.

Our Curriculum

Our student-centered curriculum will utilize best practices in medical education with a focus on active-learning. Synchronized content between courses will create an intuitive learning environment where classroom seat-time is limited, and students take ownership of a substantial part of their learning.

We believe that emphasizing critical thinking and life-long evidence-based learning throughout all courses will assist students in understanding their own processes for problem-solving and enable them to utilize those skills in future careers. 

Clinical Rotations

Third-year students will have access to normal and clinically diseased animals through a vast network of more than 250 clinical affiliates. Our hybrid-distributive model will utilize University of Arizona owned facilities, as well as privately owned practices, to expose students to a large, diverse caseload with more real-world hands-on experience and prepare students for their future careers.

The clinical year curriculum in semesters seven, eight and nine, encompassing 52 weeks, will include four primary core instructional sites, elective options, NAVLE assessment and vacation.

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